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-- "You are really great at what you do!"... the lead partner of a venture fund that was coached by Mel.

-- You are the most creative person I know"... a successful manufacturing CEO of twenty-five years.

-- Mel has an outstanding track record of spotting great opportunities and attracting equity to take them to the next level.

-- With one exception, Mel's perseverance has enabled him to achieve at least the minimum targeted funding level in all cases for the more than thirty fundraising challenges that he took on during his career.

-- The secret to this track record is simple. Mel is highly selective in raising equity. He will only take on an engagement to raise equity when he believes the opportunity is a "great" one. "Good" ones don't make the cut.

-- Mel has a very wide range of relationships, with more than 5,000 people in his database, most of whom are from the Pittsburgh area. He is able to connect with the "right" prospective investors or resources for whatever project he is working on.

-- He brings many “lessons learned” to his clients so that they do not have to learn the "hard way". His public presentations on fundraising coaching, mainly at local universities, are mostly about developing effective “Elevator Pitches.”

-- Mel has a reputation for being straight; he is effective at conflict resolution; and he tells it like it is.

–- He assists his clients, if necessary, with assembling strong talent for CEO roles or to become members of portfolio companies’ Boards of Directors who the CEO finds very worthwhile to work with.

-- Mel is skilled in negotiations and has organized many financings and re-financings, negotiating with numerous banks and hundreds of individuals.

-- Seasoned with more than 40 years of experience, Mel is an entrepreneur, and has been a CEO, an interim CEO, a turnaround CEO, a CFO, a Board Director, a CPA and a Tax Partner in a "Big Eight” accounting firm.

–- He coaches and mentors other entrepreneurs.

-- Mel also mentors youngsters who, relative to other children, do not have an opportunity to grow up on a level playing field.

-- Mel is an Eagle Scout.

Securities are offered by Mel Pirchesky, FINRA Registered Representative through Weild & Co.,,
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