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Fundraising – A Process

"There are more good deals than there is money. But there is way more money than there are ‘GREAT’ deals." - Mel Pirchesky, fundraising coach, investor, entrepreneur, and entrepreneur-advisor

If you are not successful in raising financing for a ‘great’ deal, then your inability to do so is not due to a lack of money. And if you truly have a ‘great’ deal, then the only other aspect that could be missing is an effective articulation of your opportunity. What has to be happening is that, although you are saying something about your opportunity, the prospective investor is not understanding the significance of what you are articulating to the same ‘depth of his or her bones’ as the entrepreneur does.

The focus is NOT on you saying and making a particular point and the listener really hearing that point. The focus and the art of communicating any concept as effectively as is needed is on having the listener IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE of that point ‘to the depths of their bones’.

Fundraising articulation is a highly iterative process focusing on continual improvement; it is never easy and it doesn't come together until you have practiced, gotten feedback from real prospective investors, and then fine-tuned your articulation a number of times. There is a proven process for raising money and your fundraising strategy should focus on the process as the key to achieving your objective.

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Based on having had a 100% client satisfaction result, Eagle offers a money-back guarantee on fundraising coaching retainers.

References from CEO’s of any of Eagle’s fundraising clients are available upon request.

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