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  • Mel has provided business and financial leadership for four start-ups.  Each startup faced multiple significant challenges.  Two of four have varying levels of success.  The other two startups failed (although these experiences taught Mel a lot about what to do and, more importantly, what not to do).

    (See "How the Right CEO Ended a Saga" Wall Street Journal (June 2002)
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  • As CEO, Mel led two successful team-based turnarounds, each having less than $5M in revenue. These companies increased profits from significant negative cash flow to a six-figure EBITDA in one instance, and breakeven plus in another. In both cases, the management teams and core supporting staff bonded and dramatically increased their ability to operate as a team as they passed through challenging times.
  • Mel and his team recruited and hired three successful CEO’s to lead (and in one case, subsequently acquired with other senior management) each company to a significantly higher level of success



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